Can you close your eyes, for a minute? Thanks, did you feel how dark it was? Well, that's me, without you~


Green: You/imaginary me

Blue: Me.


I keep forgetting to post ;-; NOOO


But…. M for Mercy and Meowi, and E, and 5 letters ;-;

whatever okay

*blocks out you*

Oh me GLOB! We reached 3000 views!! :O I started in March, and I don’t count as views! Oh… this is a sticky post by the way, so my last post WASN’T on May 26th~ it was probably in the future -_-6 9-_- b’u’d

I will update this tomorrow, then the day after. Its a diary c:

Monday 26th May 2014~

Today, I counted up to 600! It was boring, but it would be even more boring if I didn’t do it. I was on the bus. It took me 11 minutes to count up the 600 .3. Then, I got home and my dog, who is older than me with a 2 year old brain(um I guess…), went crazy and followed me around the house e.e I got slobbed on, of course. c:~ Okay, type you tomorrow~

Tuesday 27th May 2014

My class went swimming today. I’m in the learning/small pools. We had a race… I have 5th out of 10 people e.e… And 3rd out of the girls… There’s only 4 girls… so basically I came last. BUT ME DON’T CARE! Me learning… ;-; Oh, and I counted up to 1500 today. I’m aiming for counting to 10,000 C:|~<3. Oh, um, yep~ I got back home and my dog still ran after me c:

Wednesday 28th May 2014

Nothing really happened today. But my poem about Summer and Winter was copied e.e I counted up to 2600

Thursday 29th May 2014

No school tomorrow! C; I did recorder lessons today e.e

Friday 30th May 2014

Okay… well no school today c:



I miss this place sooooo much. I can’t even remember how old I said I was?? I lied when I said I was 7. that’d make me what 12 now? I think I was 9? Either way I was an annoying hyperactive kid.

I’m currently 14 but holy heck this place is crazy. I can’t believe I didn’t notice all this hate no wonder why I was so suicidal

Anyway everything is dead so oh no my friends


i quit

but today ill say goodbye and i’ll show you a selfie

But i need 5 reblogs and 5 likes

then ill show

i was on rage so much -_-

  1. my first name: anna
  2.  my age (like everyone knows, but soon its my b-day ovo): 7
  3. i will be active for a week ok
  4. my idol….  er yamio i guess?
  5. my dA username fewd-forever
  6. a place i’d like to go   south korea ovo
  7. my favourite digital artist     yamio
  8. i’ll tell you why i quit     i have better things to do then this ovo… drawing on tablet //Wowthatssobetter

merry christmas guys


mc countress 001

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